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Successful Trial Laying Of New Turnouts For Mongolian Railway Project

530 Date: 2022-07-20 Tag: China Coal News Quality Benchmark

Recently, Mongolian businessmen visited China Coal Group again to try out the new type of turnout for the Mongolian railway project. This type of turnout is a new type of turnout specially designed for customers in the Mongolian railway section. The general manager of China Coal Group Information Technology and the general manager of China Transport Group Manager Li Zhenbo, China Coal Group cross-border e-commerce general manager Zhang Wen and other leaders accompanied the merchants to test the new switch.

This is the third time for Mongolian merchants to visit China Coal Group. It was used for the construction project of the railway section from the Taben Tolgoi Coal Mine invested and constructed by a large Mongolian group to the Gashun Suhaitu (Ganqimaodu) port on the Sino-Mongolian border. 50,000 tons of rails and more than 200 sets of turnout materials are all provided by China Coal Group, and the railway section is about to be completed. Relying on the excellent product quality, warm and thoughtful service and responsible attitude to customers, China Coal Group strictly controls the quality and quantity, delivers timely, and guarantees quality and quantity to meet the customer's project construction process. It is precisely because of the good cooperation foundation in the early stage that the Mongolian merchants fully affirmed the comprehensive strength of our group, and gave unanimous approval and satisfaction to the quality, price, after-sales and other aspects of the products. The group signed a batch of new railway equipment engineering procurement contracts again, and stated that it will maintain long-term strategic cooperation in the future. The cooperation between our group and Mongolia this time is of extremely far-reaching significance. It has played a positive role in promoting trade exchanges between China and Mongolia and accelerating the joint construction of the "Belt and Road" between the two countries.

Mongolian merchants first visited the modern equipment workshop. At the production site, the merchants carefully observed the production process of the factory's railway equipment and checked the new turnout products produced. The staff explained and introduced the technical parameters of the new type of turnout in detail. Product performance test, detailed comparison, Mongolian merchants successfully completed the trial of the new turnout. The successful cooperation again has also played a positive role in promoting the in-depth strategic cooperation between our group and Mongolian merchants in the next step!

As a member company of the United Nations Global Compact, China Coal Group has actively participated in the construction of global railway projects for many years. With its first-class product quality and customer-oriented service attitude, China Coal Group has established its brand in the world. The high-quality steel and railway equipment produced and sold by the Group have been exported to more than 60 countries along the “Belt and Road”, including Russia, Indonesia, Malaysia, India, Sri Lanka, Kazakhstan, etc., and have made positive contributions to accelerating the construction of the “Belt and Road”. At the same time, China Coal Group actively responded to the national policy of exporting foreign exchange and vigorously expanded overseas markets. It has successively registered the "China Coal" trademark in 38 countries and regions such as Mongolia, and obtained 27 EU member states and Mongolia, the United Kingdom, The right to use the China Coal trademark in Russia, Indonesia and Singapore has effectively opened up the international market.

The successful trial laying of the new turnout, Mongolian merchants not only highly affirmed the product quality, but also left behind the rigorous and meticulous work attitude and enthusiastic and united team style of all China Coal employees during the trial laying process. deep impression. Mr. Li said that he was very grateful to Mongolian merchants for their full affirmation of China Coal Group's comprehensive strength and product quality. In the next step, China Coal Group will further increase overseas market expansion efforts, expand the scale of foreign trade exports, and serve the world with better products. Innovative development of railway projects! Warmly welcome customers from all over the world to visit China Coal Group for a win-win cooperation!

Successful Trial Laying Of New Turnouts For Mongolian Railway Project